TechLaw was founded in 1983 by people who helped forge enforcement and compliance programs in the then-fledgling U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the 1970s. They discovered that successfully resolving complex environmental issues often involved the application of regulatory principles and an understanding of scientific disciplines—along with cutting-edge technology. The concept of TechLaw grew out of their recognition that technology and law were interrelated, and that their experience could help clients faced with challenges at this complex juncture.

Since that time, TechLaw has continued to cultivate a deep knowledge of science and environmental regulations, an embrace of new technology and uncompromising integrity, making TechLaw a trusted provider of expertise in the environmental arena. Our consultants help government and commercial clients assess performance, manage risk, implement sustainable remedies and resolve uncertainty. Professionalism, knowledge and experience are the hallmarks of our team. We have the experience to lead, the know-how to succeed, and the compassion to care.

Our mission is to use our knowledge, experience, and innovative technologies to help our clients analyze complex scientific and regulatory matters and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions.

We recognize that our company is successful because of its people. Our well-earned reputation of quality is a direct result of their dedication and engagement. We are committed to offering the highest quality services to our clients, and we recognize that each employee has a responsibility to make this a reality. We share with our employees a vision of a company where people are valued and motivated by opportunities to learn, contribute and grow.

To achieve this vision, we strive to:

Conduct business relationships based on respect, fairness and honesty.

Focus on producing quality results for our clients.

Propose solutions, not just identify problems.

Try new things; practice innovation. No change is too small.

Provide opportunities for our employees to stay at the forefront of their fields.

Do everything with a sense of urgency and dedication.

Achieve perfection, while acknowledging human nature.