ASSURING QUALITY of historical and real-time data collection and analysis, making sure our clients have the right data from the right place at the right time—the first time.

TechLaw’s environmental science experts have prepared and reviewed hundreds of EPA-required Sampling and Analysis Plans, Quality Assurance Plans and Quality Assurance Project Plans and performed data quality reviews of more than 1,000 documents associated with more than 250 RCRA, CERCLA and federal facility sites across the country.

TechLaw specializes in performing precise scientific validation to assure the quality and usability of field and analytical data. Under its EPA ESAT and REPA contracts, TechLaw has conducted data validation on more than 20,000 samples, and produced more than 1,500 data validation packages under virtually all conditions.

Who does EPA turn to for the collection of environmental data used for compliance and enforcement? TechLaw, selected by EPA to develop and present quality assurance and specialized chemistry training for several EPA regions. TechLaw has collected samples or split samples from more than 500 different facilities across the U.S.—work that must stand up to the scrutiny of regulatory agencies and in legal proceedings, making accuracy and timeliness critical.

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Sample Project: At the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant, an EPA Superfund National Priorties List (NPL) site outside Minneapolis, MN, the TechLaw team uncovered technical issues with critical data which negatively impacted cleanup efforts at the site. As a result, TechLaw developed a format for reporting the usability of all environmental data, successfully evaluating more than 30 Data Quality Assessment/Data Usability reports to ensure the quality and usability of the environmental data being produced throughout the multiyear project. TechLaw’s work has helped to move the site forward to the redevelopment stage.