RESOLVING UNCERTAINTY using our extensive work with U.S. EPA and state agencies to find the best ways to address environmental and ecological risk in order to quickly and effectively protect human health and the environment.

For nearly three decades, TechLaw has effectively addressed risk assessment issues that have touched on complex environmental issues such as leaching and mixing, volatilization, biodegradation, dispersion and deposition, and food chain effects. Our team has addressed virtually every major environmental exposure challenge, covering both naturally-occurring issues and chemical and radiological exposure.

TechLaw has provided in-depth reviews of more than 1,000 environmental risk assessment documents associated with more than 200 CERCLA, RCRA and federal facility sites in all EPA regions. We have also developed more than 100 human health and ecological risk assessments for federal, state and commercial clients, and helped to negotiate risk management plans, options and solutions for a wide range of chemical exposure challenges.

TechLaw has developed and led numerous national, regional and state-specific risk assessment guidance and training courses, helping regulators across the country oversee risk assessments that support investigation, remediation and permitting activities.

Dow Chemical
Sample Project: TechLaw’s risk assessment team assisted the state of Michigan and the U.S. EPA in addressing extensive dioxin contamination at a 1,900-acre Dow Chemical facility, the site of emissions from the incineration of chlorinated compounds and other toxic waste. TechLaw created an independent sensitivity analysis which provided administrative authorities with the ability to quickly and accurately assess environmental and ecological risks, and to develop remediation goals based on projected future land use. TechLaw’s study served as the basis for a negotiated cleanup settlement with Dow Chemical.