Brownfields Investigation, US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, TN

Client: Department of Energy

We performed project planning, waste characterization, and soil characterization for the K-732 Switch Yard Asset Recovery and Demolition Project, a Brownfields project at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) East Tennessee Technology Park (site of the former K-25 Gaseous Diffusion Plant). The project involved two phases. The first phase involved demolition and asset recovery for the decommissioned K-161V Switch Yard that recycled the majority of the metal superstructure, switchgear, and PCB-contaminated oils for beneficial reuse, and the demolition and disposal of various support facilities and materials not suitable for recycling. For this phase, we prepared and executed the Waste Characterization sampling plan and prepared and executed a Radiological Survey Plan for the release of materials for recycling, in accordance with DOE requirements.
The second phase involved characterizing the underlying soil to determine if the site met the risk levels for future industrial reuse as a new substation for the City of Oak Ridge in accordance with the site CERCLA Record of Decision. For this phase, we prepared the Process Knowledge, assisted with the Data Quality Objectives process and prepared the Sampling and Analysis Plan. We also executed the soil characterization plan, including a Radiological Walkover Survey for the designated Environmental Unit and GIS mapping for sample data and survey data. We also performed data validation of the analytical data.