Technical Support, Denver Federal Center, Lakewood, CO

Client: General Services Administration (GSA)

We provide GSA technical support services to assist them in meeting the requirements of a RCRA Compliance Order at the Denver Federal Center, site of the former Denver Ordnance Plant, where munitions were manufactured for World War II. We have conducted reconciliation of asbestos and chemical data associated with the Utilities Infrastructure Project (UIP); provided assistance with the preparation of the Site-Wide Risk Assessment Work Plan (RAWP) and the Site-Wide Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP); prepared two RFIs for historical dump sites for waste and incinerator ash; prepared two Interior Building Phase 1 RFI Work Plans; prepared a Corrective Measures Work Plan (CMWP); and post-remediation quality assurance data review following the site-wide UIP. We also prepared Draft and Final RFI Reports that included management of all analytical chemical data, Phase I risk screening, third-party data validation, GIS mapping and presentations, and response to stakeholder comments.